About Us

Odu’a Investment Company Limited was incorporated in Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company in July 1976, to take over the business interests of the former Western State of Nigeria now comprising Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Ekiti States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. From inception, it has been operating as a conglomerate owning substantial investment in Real Estate, Food and Beverages industries, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Hotel and Catering, Telecommunication, Printing and Publishing. The company commenced operations on the 1st of October, 1976.

Apart from investments in limited liability companies, Odu’a Investment Company Limited also owns substantial properties at choice locations in Ikeja residential/industrial estates and Apapa in Lagos state as well as a number of residential and commercial properties in Ibadan including Cocoa house, Aje House, Orange Court, Almond Court etc. Investments in some other parts of the country are also assets to the company. Odu’a Investment Company Limited is a company run by an independent Board of Directors comprising of seasoned, high-flying and accomplished professionals with vast experiences in business and human resources management.

The Company’s policy is determined by a competent and dynamic Board, a mix of executive and non-executive Directors who are experts in their own fields. The board is supported by a robust management team. Odu’a also continues to engage in talks with foreign partners concerning joint venture partnership for expansion and effectiveness of her subsidiary companies.

As a dynamic conglomerate, it continues to make forays into new, profitable ventures that will not only give returns on her shareholders’ investments, but also create employment opportunities for the younger generation.


“To be the leading Nigerian Conglomerate in our chosen sectors, delivering above par performance in growth and profitability”


“To deliver maximum returns to our Stakeholders through qualitative and strategic management, towards enhancing the heritage of our founding fathers”


Integrity – Transparency in all our business activities and relationships, being accountable for our actions.

Excellence – Delivering superior performance through high quality products and services.

Team Work – Realising the strength in unity, sharing same core values and respecting each other’s opinions and views.

Creativity – Encouraging the free flow of ideas and appreciating innovations.

Passion – Being enthusiastic and ready to accept responsibility, proud of our business and vocations.

  1. Engaging in activities that will promote and enhance rapid economic, industrial and human resources development in our catchment areas particularly building on the efforts of the founding fathers of the Company.
  2. Conducting and regulating our activities in a way that will promote the unity of the host states and compliment their efforts in developing the states industrially, commercially and doing this without any interference or overbearing influence from the owners.
  3. Promoting and rewarding hard work, productivity, creativity and teamwork.
  1. Evolve a strong, slim, viable and profitable group.
  2. Achieve quantum leap growth, in operating performance and optimize returns to shareholders.
  3. Restructure the Group:
    • Exit from non-viable venture
    • Consolidate Companies in similar operations
    • Be a pure investment company with shares not exceeding 40% in any company
    • Re-align, reposition and re-engineer our subsidiaries to attract equity participation
    • Seek strategic alliances for new entry into profitable and strategic ventures.
    • Take advantage of Federal Government privatization and liberalization programmes
  4. Promote the socio-economic and industrial entrepreneurship through mofern activities and a well-trained work force
  5. Above all, be a foremost investment company