Premier Hotel

Premier Hotel
Premier Hotel located on top of Mokola Hill, Ibadan is definitely one of the oldest and the best hotel in West Africa. It is jointly owned by the Odua States namely Ekiti, Oyo, Ondo, Ogun, and Osun states. Premier Hotel Ibadan is equipped with the best of facilities for customer’s enjoyment, with 87 bedrooms made up of 80 Double Rooms, 6 Executive and 1 Luxury Suite. It also has a standard swimming pool, thereby making it a tourist centre for guests.Premier Hotel, a subsidiary of Odu’a Investment Company Limited was incorporated in 1966 as a resort, amusement, pleasure and relaxation centre. The Mokola Hill site gives it a unique feature of a “night watch lantern” welcoming you into a haven built on the “roof” of the ancient city. With over three decades in Hotel business, Premier Hotel has put into use its vast experience and understanding of what today’s hotel business is all about with a view to ensuring customer satisfaction which has made it to remain the Hospitality king. At Premier Hotel, pleasures are plenty that you will lose your sense of time. Book a get-away and climb up our hill to see with your own eyes, what we have to offer for a 24-hour sleek service.



Contact Address : Mokola Hill, Ibadan, Oyo State  Telephone : 01-6670079, 6670083
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